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Our School

Student Wellbeing

At Alphington Grammar School, we view caring for your child’s social and emotional health and wellbeing as essential to developing a growth mindset and experiencing success.

We believe students learn best in an environment where their social, emotional and physical wellbeing is nurtured. Our close-knit community is a strong feature of our School and we pride ourselves on the strong relationships that develop in our learning community.

We provide a variety of leadership opportunities within the School to allow for opportunities for our students to grow and develop leadership skills. Our House System provides the pillars of our Student Care and Support Structure, which is then supported by our Psychology Team and Exceptionality Team.

We strive to ensure our students feel confident in undertaking the challenges of a changing landscape and know where to turn to for the support they need as they navigate their school years.


Student Leadership Opportunities

As part of their social education, students at Alphington Grammar School are encouraged to develop their leadership skills and set goals around making a positive personal contribution to their school, their local community and the broader community.

Toward the end of Year 5, all students have the opportunity to apply for a position of leadership for the following year.

Primary Student Leaders positions:

  • Primary School Captain
  • House Captains
  • Community Service Captains
  • Music Captain
  • Sustainability Captain
  • Writing Captain
  • Chess Captain and;
  • Visual Arts Captain.

There is also a Primary School Committee, allowing for greater leadership potential within the Primary School.

In the Secondary School, students have the opportunity to represent the School in a variety of leadership roles. These roles include Future Leaders for early Secondary students, as well as School Captains and Vice Captains, House Captains, Community and Service Captains, International Captains, Sports Captains, Arts Captains, and Performing Arts and Music Captains. In appointing Student Leaders, we value the following qualities and characteristics:
  • A high level of school involvement
  • Academic competence
  • Respect for members of the school community
  • A well-developed social conscience
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Pride in the School

House system

At Alphington Grammar School we believe that students thrive when they receive praise for their effort, success in their studies, and engagement in other co-curricular activities in the school. To facilitate this, the House system has been implemented to encourage our students to work together to create a happy and productive learning environment.

All students are allocated a House upon entry to Alphington. The four houses are Aristotle (Blue), Byron (Gold), Pericles (Red), and Socrates (Green). Our House program underpins the pastoral system of the School. It also facilitates House competition in Sport and Co-Curricular activities, including supporting selected charities in the broader community.

House Activities play an important role in the culture of the school and instill a great sense of pride and healthy competition in our student body. Students compete in a range of house activities throughout the year.

Exceptionality Team

At Alphington Grammar School, we recognise that students will start at a diverse range of skill sets and have a variety of learning needs. We greatly value diversity, and through our student-centered learning we are able to identify the needs and learning requirements of our individual students.

Through the Alphington Grammar School Exceptionality Team, we are able to support students in need of both educational scaffolding and extension work. Based on the learning requirements of each individual child, we provide additional challenges through extension work when needed or, alternatively, provide additional support and scaffolding. Our tailored learning program means we are even aware when we need to ease the pressure to maintain the student’s self-concept and self-esteem.

For more information on our extension programs, please see the ASPIRE Program for Primary students and ALPHA Initiative for Secondary students.

Community Service

Alphington Grammar has a diverse range of Community Service Opportunities extended to students across our Primary and Secondary Schools. 

We believe that social and emotional wellbeing are connected to culture, spirituality, family and community. We value a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. 

We incorporate activities that encapsulate ‘Acts of Kindness’ into our program from the very beginning of schooling. Students in Primary years work to gain an understanding about the community they live in and building social connectedness and respect.

In the Senior years, students actively participate in community service opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. Students develop an increased sense of social responsibility and builds upon critical thinking skills.

Community service opportunities assist students to connect the head and the heart and truly make a difference to the world they are helping to shape.