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Scholarship FAQ

Students will be provided with their results by the end of Term 2 of the year in which the application is lodged.

Short listed students will be asked to attend an interview in Term 2 of the year in which the application is lodged.

Generally, applicants will be advised within a week of their interview with the Principal.

There is no set number of scholarships offered. Scholarships will be offered to high performing students and will vary in number offered depending on the calibre of the candidates who have applied.

The Scholarship on offer will cover a portion of the tuition fees only. The value of the scholarship many vary per student. All other charges and fees need to be paid as per the school’s business regulations.

The period of time varies per student. Generally, scholarships are offered for three years at a time, allowing for a continuation of the scholarship after the initial period. High performing students can also increase the value of their scholarship based on continual and demonstrated track record of excellence.

If students on scholarships leave prior to the expiration of the scholarship or Alphington terminates the scholarship for a valid reason as stated in the Policy, families will be required to pay the amount of fee remission provided during the course of the scholarship.