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Our Senior Management Team

From left to right: Mrs Pippa Birch, Mrs Tracey Nicholson, Dr Vivianne Nikou, Mr Lukas Silver
Dr Vivianne Nikou Alphington Grammar School


Dr Vivianne Nikou

B.A, Dip. Ed, M. Ed Pol Admin, D.B.A; AMACEL; MACE; AFAIM

Vivianne is a passionate educator who chose this vocation after an inspiring experience with a teacher in her own final year of schooling. After spending two decades in a large independent school, time in the corporate world and also running her own business, Vivianne has relished the challenge of leading a smaller and younger school since becoming Principal of Alphington in 2013. Vivianne firmly believes that every child deserves to feel secure in their learning and experience success. She brought this philosophy to Alphington with her and ensures it permeates through the community.

Assistant Principal, Head of Secondary

Mr Lukas Silver

B.A, Dip. Ed, PGCE (School Leadership)

Lukas started his teaching career in inner-city London where he worked in schools with high levels of student poverty, deprivation and underachievement. He spent over a decade in London working as a senior consultant to improve teenage literacy and remove barriers to learning for all children. He believes that staff need to have very high expectations of every child so that their potential can be realised. Lukas joined the Alphington community in 2014.

Assistant Principal, Head of Primary

Mrs Tracey Nicholson


Teaching is far more than just a job for Tracey; it is a vocation that she finds to be the best and most rewarding profession in the world. Her passion for primary teaching is evident in everything she does, and her philosophy that learning is a lifelong pursuit is central to all that she brings to the Primary Years at Alphington Grammar. Tracey is the longest-serving member of our Senior Management Team, and has seen the School grow and develop enormously since she started at Alphington in 1996.

Business Manager

Mrs Pippa Birch

B.Compt (honours), ca (aus & sa)

Pippa loves being part of a school community and sees her role as the conduit between the academic and non-academic parts of the school. Bringing both corporate and educational experience to the table, Pippa has lead the significant transformation of the financial services and corporate governance within the School in recent years. She looks forward to continue making positive changes within the School now and into the future.

The School Council

Chair: Associate Professor Marinis Pirpiris

Deputy: Nick Koukouvitakis

Finances: Manuel Tsirmiris CPA

Secretary: Voula Kallianis 

Members: Pippa Birch CA, George Doukas, Angela Georgalis, Michael Karamitos, Peter Nikolakakos, Dr Vivianne Nikou, Spiros Papadopoulos, Bill Papastergiadis OAM, Danielle Permezel, Steve Siolis