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International Enrolment

Score Requirements

International Students in Years 6-11 must submit an Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) Test score to be considered for a place at Alphington Grammar School. The AEAS entry scores differ depending on the students intended enrolment year level.

AEAS Test Score Requirements:

AEAS Score: 50-60

Before students are able to progress from Year 6 into Year 7, students must obtain an AEAS Score of 50-60.

All prospective Year 6 students must undertake an AEAS test prior to entry to the School.

If students do not obtain this score, they could be offered two terms of High School Preparation Program (HSPP) at Alphington Grammar School, following which a new test is taken to determine entry into our mainstream School.

AEAS Score: 60+

To be considered for direct entry into Alphington Grammar, an AEAS Test Score of 60+ is required.

AEAS Score: 50-60

Students with AEAS scores of 50-60 are required to complete two terms of HSPP or may be admitted into mainstream classes following an interview.

At the end of HSPP, students must undertake an AEAS written and oral examination and achieve an 80% pass to obtain entry into mainstream classes.

AEAS Score: 42-50

Students with AEAS scores of 42-50 are eligible for direct entry into our HSPP Program.

AEAS Score: 75+

To be eligible for Year 11 study at Alphington Grammar School, an AEAS score of 75 is required.

The School does not offer student entry into Year 12.