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Visual Arts

At Alphington Grammar, we are committed to ensuring our Visual Arts programs provide a rich learning experience in the pursuit of artistic excellence.

We believe the Visual Arts provides an avenue for the development of creative and critical thinking to equip our students with the knowledge to navigate the rapidly changing world we live in.

We encourage students, from Early Years to VCE, to engage in creative problem solving, conceptual thinking and self-expression through artistic mediums. Students are supported by a curriculum which focuses on strong technical skill development, self expression, and critical investigation.

In the Early Years, Art classes focus on developing visual, motor, and social skills, as well as stimulating creativity and increasing focus and concentration capabilities. These skills are taught through a combination of in-class experiences with the classroom teacher and sessions with an art specialist. Each year level has 2 official Art sessions per week on average throughout the year.

Throughout their Secondary Years students will undertake classes in Art and Visual Communication Design. In these classes they will acquire skills in a wide range of traditional and non-traditional art forms, which take advantage of our integration of modern technology into our arts curriculum. Some of the techniques students will be able to develop include painting, ceramics, sculpture, digital art, design, photography, and many more. 

Particularly in the lower Secondary years, we recognise the importance of developing skills in a variety of art forms while also catering to specific student strengths and preferences. In Upper Secondary and VCE, students will hone their chosen skills further through more intensive and focused classes that have a greater focus on developing themes and representing them through their artworks.