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Alphington Grammar School


Flowerdale Autumn 2023

With each new academic year there is much hope and optimism that fills the air. After the last few years there is a growing determination to continue to rebuild our
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Flowerdale Winter 2022

As professionals in the education field, we regularly navigate our way through incredibly complex and challenging issues; it is the nature of the environments in which we work. It is
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Flowerdale 2021, Issue 2

Searching for answers, ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle proposed the concept of ‘eudaemonia’, which means to live well or flourish as a human being by 1: virtue or excellence, 2: gaining
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Flowerdale 2021, Issue 1

In our post-COVID lockdown era here in Victoria, it is heartening to see The School returning to some sense of normality. While some friends, family and our International students are
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Flowerdale Edition 4, Term 4

In a final message to all for 2020, I write with warm wishes for a wonderful, safe and restful Christmas and a festive Season. This year has been an extraordinary
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Flowerdale Edition 3, Term 3

As we enjoy our well earned Tern 3 holiday break, I look forward to the opportunity to speak with our community on the term that was, and, indeed, the extraordinary
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Flowerdale Edition 2, Term 2

Welcome to this edition of Flowerdale. Our theme for this edition is maintaining our learning and relationships through the challenging time of COVID19 Isolation. Our world has been challenged in
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Flowerdale Edition 1, Term 1

I welcome everyone to our first edition of ‘Flowerdale’ – a new quarterly publication, fully designed, written and edited in house by our newest member of the Marketing Department at
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