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Flowerdale 2021, Issue 1

Honouring the leaders, future, present, and past, within our school and alumni community.

In our post-COVID lockdown era here in Victoria, it is heartening to see The School returning to some sense of normality. While some friends, family and our International students are still struggling to return, we are all thankful for the local freedoms and the good health of our community.

This edition of Flowerdale is a chance to recognise and acknowledge the leadership qualities of many in our school community. We find leadership within both the students still learning here with us as well as those who have since graduated. Many of our alumni are leaders in their own right, and are now carving out paths of distinction for themselves through their diligence, perseverance and empathy. We also take this time to profile our current School Captains Yasmin Zeineh, Natalia Hanna, and Haozhi Ji who, through their own endeavours and passion, have been recognised by their peers as worthy leaders of the student population.

In what was, understandably, a difficult year spent mostly in lockdown, I acknowledge the tremendous effort by the Class of 2020 and congratulate them on their ability to pursue post-secondary courses across a myriad of institutions. I commend to you the heartfelt reflections of our 2020 Dux, Dimitra Kritsidimas, who has demonstrated in a warm and open manner her highly developed sense of self. This sense of self enabled her to reach out to others when she needed it, which helped her navigate the emotionally charged years of growing up without her mum. Dimitra is a self-made young woman who has truly demonstrated our school values, particularly through her sense of empathy, a much sought after leadership trait by employers.

We also feature a range of other leaders in the pages of this edition of Flowerdale. The successful placement of Rohan Panjwani in the Top Arts exhibition has showcased his creative leadership qualities cultivated over many years, as well as his commitment to pursue his passion for his craft. The interview with Grammarian Mr Enver Erdogan (2002), who is now leading the way as a member of the Victorian parliament, is another opportunity to celebrate the diverse undertakings by our now growing Alumni community. We also recognise International Women’s Day with an interview with our own Ms Deirdre Grealish, recently appointed to the new position of Deputy Head of Secondary.

Our first term was filled with events and special occasions. We recognise these in our Events Snapshot, and take the time to acknowledge the leadership qualities of our Primary Leaders during their management of the Harmony Day event. The recent Alphington Grammarian’s alumni reunion was indeed a special occasion to share stories amongst us all and to be able to tour the new facilities our students are fortunate to be the beneficiaries of.

There is much to read and enjoy in this edition of Flowerdale as we honour leadership in all its forms across our school community. I look forward to students and staff returning rested and refreshed for Term 2.

Dr Vivianne Nikou

School Principal