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The Secondary years at Alphington Grammar School offer a rich and stimulating curriculum which aims to enable all students to fulfil their true potential and achieve personal excellence.

The curriculum is tailored to student needs, offering both support and challenge. Our curriculum is broad in scope, yet also underpinned by the knowledge that a good secondary education requires a deep understanding of literacy and numeracy. To this end, we dedicate substantial curriculum time to the core domains of Maths, English, Science, Languages, and the Humanities.

We understand that every student has different strengths; they each possess different skills and passions and individual learning needs. We greatly value diversity within our School, and we strive to work with each student to identify and meet their needs. We have a comprehensive Learning Support Department who deploy in class support and one-on-one withdrawal programs to support students who need extra scaffolding, additional support, and direct instruction. 

In addition to ‘in-class’ extension work, we also run a bespoke program for our advanced learners: The ALPHA Initiative. Fundamental levels of critical, creative, and independent thinking skills are promoted through these learning programs which equip students with the communication and collaborative skills required for the ever-changing landscape of the workplace and the diverse pathways our students may take.

The Enrichment Program dovetails with the academic curriculum to ensure that our students are involved in a healthy mix of co-curricular activities. Our flagship experiential learning program, Gateways, provides our Years 9 and 10 students the opportunity to travel either within Australia or Internationally to appreciate cultural diversity, develop cross-cultural awareness, and gain a deep understanding of what true global citizenship encompasses.

Our experienced VCE teachers focus on ensuring our students are prepared for the rigours of VCE. Equally important is their role in helping our students develop skills such as time management and critical thinking that will assist them beyond school and University and enable them to successfully shape and navigate their future. Our mentoring system in Year 12 is comprehensive and effective. Every Year 12 student receives personalised mentoring from a member of faculty on a one-on-one basis, where their global assessments — skill-based targets, university pathways, and general wellbeing — are covered.