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Flowerdale Winter 2022

Flowerdale Winter 2022: Community focuses on the ways our students, staff, and alumni interact with and contribute to their communities outside the school gates.

As professionals in the education field, we regularly navigate our way through incredibly complex and challenging issues; it is the nature of the environments in which we work. It is through these challenges that we, as educators, gain the most valuable lessons which in turn help us become better practitioners, leaders and ultimately better educators for the students we nurture, guide and help develop into all they were meant to be. Whilst many of the articles we have read over the last two years have framed COVID as the catalyst for actions taken and lessons learned, many note that the pandemic is merely the latest challenge to be thrown our way.

Those of us who have lived and breathed education our entire careers know all too well what a resilient bunch we educators are! However, throw in a global pandemic, multiple lockdowns and a plethora of social, emotional, and mental wellbeing issues, and both our profession and one’s parenting style has truly been tested. Significantly though, we have worked closely with our parent community and together, risen to the challenge.

Following another year riddled with lockdowns and restrictions in every regard in 2021, it has been wonderful to come through the first six months of this academic year with a semblance of normality. It is amazing to see how our students are bouncing back from such hardship, returning to campus and lapping up the opportunities and benefits that our school offers. Witnessing the resilience that these young people are have and are continuing to show is a delight. They are experiencing being part of a rich and vibrant community once more.

Our challenge now is to help shape young men and women of character, who know themselves and understand the power they hold, into the best versions of themselves. To empower them to make a positive difference not only in their own lives, but in the lives of others beyond them as they make their way through their school years to what lies beyond the school gates.

This edition of Flowerdale brings forward the diversity of our community and their contributions across all walks of life.

Dr Vivianne Nikou