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Flowerdale Edition 2, Term 2

Our Learning Community
Maintaining our learning and relationships through the challenging time of COVID19 Isolation.

Welcome to this edition of Flowerdale. Our theme for this edition is maintaining our learning and relationships through the challenging time of COVID19 Isolation. Our world has been challenged in many ways this year. We have all been confronted by the complexities of our inter-connected world and the vulnerabilities we face locally, nationally and internationally.

Successful education in the 21st century is about more than just teaching content. It’s about developing a moral compass in our students and having the skill to find meaning in an increasingly ambiguous uncertain and volatile world. It’s about using what we know and applying that knowledge and experience in creative and critical ways, collaborating and building a suitable world we can all live and work in.

We have embraced the challenges which have earmarked 2020 and accepted vulnerability together. We have chosen courage and compassion despite our fears. As we move through this challenging and uncertain time of this pandemic, the stories of Alphington students and staff continuing to strive for excellence are inspiring and unite us as a community. I have been tremendously proud of the way our students, staff and families have embraced the off-campus experience adapting swiftly to learning from home and equally transitioning back to on campus learning when it became safe to do so.

Together, the Alphington Grammar School community has remained focused and cared for each other, even against the backdrop of the Bushfires, Floods and recent health challenges of Coronavirus.

I trust this edition of Flowerdale demonstrates the values and culture of our School and the ability to adapt to the new environment and adopt a new way of learning in the face of adversity.

Dr. Vivianne Nikou