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AGS Excursion Permission

As part of our new data collection systems, Alphington Grammar School requires parents to complete the consent form below to enable their child(ren) to participate in compulsory excursions and off campus travel throughout their entire enrolment at the school.

Our current documentation covers all off-campus excursions and all school approved activities in the academic and/cocurricular program. These activities may involve a whole school day or part of a day. For activities that are scheduled outside of the academic day families will need to consent to these individually. The modes of transportation to and from venues and for compulsory activities may include commercial bus hire, minibus, train, tram or on foot. Notices of all upcoming off-site, compulsory activities are communicated to families via the weekly school Bulletin and by the administration staff, via email.

Risk management plans for all school-approved off-campus activities are prepared by staff and approved by Senior Management before they are able to proceed. All off-campus activities are staffed, as a minimum, to Victorian DEECD standards, that is, students will be accompanied by staff at the appropriate staff/student ratio.

Standard activities include:

  • off-campus academic excursions;
  • off-campus sporting competitions and training sessions; and
  • off-campus performing arts exhibitions and rehearsals.

Please note that separate permission forms will be sent out for non-standard activities.

Non-Standard Activities are those which involve interstate/international overnight stays or aeroplane travel (e.g. Gateways, Ski trip, Interstate activities)

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