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AGS Enrolment Pack

Alphington Grammar School – Welcome


As we look ahead to the 2023 academic year, I extend a very warm welcome to all students entering Secondary School and their families. As you join the Alphington Grammar Secondary School community, I hope your child’s journey is a rewarding and positive experience, that will prepare them well for life beyond school.

Links below are all relevant documentation and paperwork required by The School prior to your child’s commencement.

Please fill in and submit all forms below within 7 days of receiving this link to allow time for proper processing to take place.

While there are many opportunities for the students to be involved in the life of The School in and out of the classroom, I would encourage parents to seek out ways that you too can be involved in
activities both through the subject areas and the Parents and Friends Association.

We look forward to welcoming all students and families to Alphington Grammar School in 2023.

Yours sincerely

Dr Vivianne Nikou





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