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The Global Gateways Program, designed along major interconnected themes, for Years 9 and 10 is part of a two year cycle. It is the Alphington Grammar School way of approaching international education. The program has been operating since 2014 and has become one of the most powerful catalysts for truly effective international education.

“We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths
of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.”

John Hope Franklin



This form should be completed in consultation with the student's medical practitioner for all medication to be administered at school and whilst attending excursions or school camps.
Student Name
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Medication to be administered at school:
Name of Medication
Dosage (amount in mg or ml)
Duration Dates
Time/s to be taken
How is it to be taken? (eg oral/topical/injection)
How is it stored
Expiry Date of Drug
Medication delivered to the school
Please ensure that medication delivered to the school:
Please describe what supervision or assistance is required by the student when taking medication (e.g. remind, observe, assist or administer):
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Below are the requirements students must accept and comply with to participate in the trip.

The Darwin Gateways Trip is being conducted as part of the school’s experiential program. Accordingly, all school rules, as set out in the Behaviour for Learning Policy, apply. Smoking tobacco/vapes, consumption of alcohol and the use of any illicit substances, possession of such paraphernalia are forbidden at any time during the trip. If students are caught in possession of any of these items, they will be sent home at the parents’ expense. Mobile phones will be collected each night by the staff at a designated time. Students must not use their phones while staff/tour guides are presenting or giving instructions.

You are expected to be good citizens and ambassadors for your school, family, and community. All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not offend the local culture, citizens, or other travelers/tourists or challenge the authority of the staff and contractors leading the trip.

At no stage of the trip should any student depart from the main group alone. When students are given free time visiting an attraction or outside their accommodation quarters they must always be accompanied by at least two other members of the group. Students must be able to make contact with the supervising staff at all times. Students must not allow anyone other than a member of staff into their accommodation. Boys and girls are not permitted to visit or stay in any room other than their own bedroom. Public areas are available for students to socialise.

The main focus of the trip is on the study of customs, religion, traditions, the movement of people, intercultural understanding, cultural diversity and the world around us.

There will also be time to experience other aspects of culture such as food, sights, activities, and some shopping.

Please remember that when travelling in a group it is essential to keep in mind that all activities are carefully planned for the benefit of the whole group as well as the individual and as such you are expected to participate fully. There will be times when compromise on the part of the individual student may become necessary. Participants are expected to be courteous and respectful of the needs of the whole group and to conduct themselves accordingly.

Your health and safety are the main priority. Please do not do anything that endangers you, the group, or the integrity of the experience.


Dr Vivianne Nikou




  1. Commitment to this overseas experience
    •I will commit to this experience and do my very best to be honest, positive and encouraging.
    •I will attempt all activities to the best of my ability.
  2. Developing Relationships
    •I will work with others, offering and receiving support, respect their rights and be sensitive to their needs and feelings.
    •I will be positive at all times with other participants. I will encourage them and acknowledge their achievements.
    •I will be open and honest in dealing with both peers and staff.
    •I have the right to make a contribution that will be considered on equal terms with all other participants within a safe and supportive environment.
  3. Personal Welfare
    •I will be responsible for my own welfare and help others whenever I can.
    •I will feel comfortable to ask for and receive support from the staff and other participants on this trip.
  4. Respect
    •As a visitor to various places during this trip, I will respect the culture, the natural and built environment and the people that live in these places and other visitors.
    •I will respect my property and that of others on this trip.
    •I will respect staff members and tour providers throughout this trip.
  5. School Rules
    •At all times I will obey and be guided in my actions by the school rules.



I acknowledge (together with my parent(s) or guardian(s)) that in the event that I am in breach of this agreement, I could be sent back to Melbourne before the trip has ended at my families expense
Student Name
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I understand that in the event of my son’s/daughter’s misbehaviour or actions that pose a danger to himself/herself or others during this trip, he/she may be returned to Melbourne. I further understand that in such circumstances, I will be informed and that any costs associated with his/her return will be my responsibility and be borne by me.
Father/Guardian name:
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Mother/Guardian name:
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