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Bus Application Form

Alphington Grammar School has now finalised the new bus routes for 2023.

If you would like to apply for the school bus service, please complete the application form below.

All current and new users need to complete this form to secure themselves a position for 2023.

Please note that the service will use a combination of main routes and side streets to reduce time spent travelling, and nominated bus stops with shelters will be used to collect students en route.


AGS School Bus Policy


Full time Fee (10 Trips a week) – $3,500.00
Part-time Fee (5 Trips a week) – $1,750.00
Casual Fee per trip – $25.00


Bus 1 RouteBus 2 RouteBus 3 Route  / Bus 4 Route  / Bus 5 Route

Forms due: Friday 9 December 2022


School Bus Application

  • Morning Pick up Days

  • Please select desired Bus Stop (choose 1)

  • Afternoon Drop off Days

  • Please select desired Bus Stop (choose 1)