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AGS School Bus – Primary

2023 School Bus Service

As students are returning to club sports and community activities, the door-to-door bus service has added a significant time to the duration of the journey, which has meant students are not able to attend their sessions.

In addition, with the existing covid isolation conditions being lifted and people now returning to onsite work, The School has made the decision to return to the pre covid bus service with the objective of reducing travel time for students and improving the punctuality of the service.

The bus service is operated by a partnership with our own contractor HG Corporate at a significantly subsidised rate by the school. After consultation with our provider the decision is to offer a more streamlined service. As do other schools, the service will operate along main routes and use designated public bus stops with shelters.

As part of the reinstated bus service for 2023 the school will be providing a live link which allows parents to monitor their child’s bus movement.

  • Full time Fee (10 Trips a week) – $3,500.00
  • Part-time Fee (5 Trips a week) – $1,750.00
  • Casual Fee per trip – $25.00

If you are interested in your child/ren to use the bus service in 2023 with designated route pickups/drop-offs, please complete the form below.

After expression of interest forms are returned, the school will finalise bus routes for 2023 and applications will then be distributed to all families to secure your spot on the bus.

AGS School Bus Policy

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