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AGS Opt Out of Photographs

Students at Alphington Grammar School will be involved in a variety of school activities, excursions and events where they may be photographed. Photographs of students may be used in a variety of media to celebrate a student’s success in a particular area, for educational purposes or, to promote activities at the school. These photographs of students may be used in internal publications like the ‘ALPHA Newsletter’ and ‘AGS Bulletin’.


Additionally, Photographs of students are also used in external publications like; newspapers, school brochures, website, special displays and other promotional material.


As stated in the AGS Terms and Conditions of Enrolment, The Applicants consent to such collection, use and disclosure of the Student’s photographs and/or audio/visual material unless such consent is expressly withdrawn via written notification to the School prior to the use of such material.


ONLY if you would like to opt out of external publication of your childs photo please complete the form below.

This opt out option is valid for the duration of your child’s schooling at Alphington Grammar School; however, permissions may be changed at any time upon written notification.

AGS Photography, Video and Images Policy

AGS Opt Out of External Photographs