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2024 AGS School Bus

2024 School Bus Service

Alphington Grammar School offers a bus service that features designated stops strategically located in areas where many families reside collectively. This service has been carefully crafted with the aim of enhancing student travel efficiency and ensuring punctuality.

Our school has partnered with HG Corporate, our contracted service provider, to offer this bus service at a significantly subsidised rate. Like many other schools, our bus service operates along primary routes, utilising designated public bus stops equipped with shelters where possible.

Morning pick-up times commence at 7:00 am, and the aim is to ensure that the last student is dropped off by 5:30 pm.

A live tracking link will be provided that enables parents to monitor the real-time movement of their child’s bus.

Fee options for the bus service:
– Full-time Fee (10 trips per week) – $3,500.00
– Part-time Fee (5 trips per week) – $1,750.00

If you are interested in enrolling your child/ren for the school bus service in 2024, kindly complete the form below.

AGS School Bus Policy

AGS School Bus Application Form 2024

  • Designated Bus Stops

    Please choose the stop that you'd like your child to be picked up from
  • Information you wish to convey to The School