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Alpha News, Term 2, Week 2

ANZAC Day Assembly – Friday 23 April 2023

We gathered recently to commemorate the anniversary of our ANZACs courageous battles in WWI.  Our special guests from Cronos Aged Care joined in the commemorative assembly to help mark ANZAC Day.  I provide part of the text of my message at the assembly.

…”It is said that “we cannot live in the past, the past lives in us”.

As the world faces a once in a century pandemic, this is a time when we as a nation and a community can draw strength from our rich history, we remember the world battles and those times when we as a nation were tested.  We draw strength from the courage, determination and examples of those who have done so much for the cause of freedom.

It is the selflessness and courage of our armed forces that saved lives, inspired others and many generations that followed to resist invading forces, confront tyranny together and uphold the principles of Justice, Liberty and Freedom.

I extend my congratulations to our Assistant Principal, Head of Primary, Mrs Tracey Nicholson for coordinating all elements of our assembly, led by our Primary School Leaders.  It was a poignant portrayal of the effects of war.  The assembly was full of symbolism.  The Primary students made paper poppies, 650 in total to which every student and staff placed inside and outside the Hall to represent the number of soldiers thought to be killed on the first day of the Gallipoli campaign in WWI, (coincidentally about the total number of students and staff in our School).

Congratulations to our Years 2 and 3, and Poco Chorale Group for the beautiful signing of the song “Spirit of the Anzacs” conducted by Ms Stephanie Atwa our Voice Teacher. The musical items also included School Music Captain, Benjamin Mazzarella and our Music Teacher, Mr Ewen Baker who both played the Last Post on Violin.

Lest we Forget.

Dr. Vivianne Nikou