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Alpha News 2023, Term 3, Week 2

Term 3, Week 2 2023


From the Principal

Welcome Back

As we settle into the winter term it was terrific to have the school full of noise and laughter once more. I trust that all families have had a chance to enjoy a break with their children. 

The term began with Secondary School Parent Teacher interviews with the new format having received great feedback. The Primary School interviews continue this week with a mixture of online and face to face interviews were needed. 

Having completed the review for the end of Semester grades for Secondary Students it was a grand opportunity to recognise high achievers in a special gathering of the different year levels. I congratulate all those who were acknowledged in those awards. The first week also saw a special delegation visit from Cyprus to mark a series of community events taking place throughout Australia. Our visitors included Mrs Doxa Komodromou, the Deputy Government Spokesperson of the Republic of Cyprus, and Mr Stavros Nicolaou, Deputy High Commissioner of Cyprus. They were accompanied by local academics and members of the Justice for Cyprus Coordinating Committee-SEKA Mr Pavlos Andronikos and Mr Yiannis Milides.

I thank Ms Denise Diakodimitriou for coordinating this visit where our musicians led by Mr Nicholas Kapralos were able to showcase the talent and diversity of our Greek band and for organising gifts to be exchanged for our visitors.

(A full report on these events appears throughout this week’s newsletter). 

Primary School students are in full swing with their production rehearsals as are all our musicians for the upcoming School concert. These promise to be wonderful family events for us all to enjoy. Please look out for tickets in both the newsletter and bulletin in the coming weeks. 

Annual Music Concert Tickets

Farewell News

Pippa Birch our Business Manager has made the decision to retire and take a well-earned and delayed cruise with her husband Gavin. We wish Pippa and Gavin the very best for the next stage of their lives and on behalf of us all l thank her for her hard work over the last few years.  To navigate the COVID years was undoubtedly the most difficult any of us have faced.

Louisa Johnstone is our new Business Manager. While Louisa has been here for several weeks already, she will now be the right person to direct school financial matters to going forward. 

Brooke Koutroulis our Canteen Manager for the last 3 years will be going on maternity leave from this week as she and Anthony prepare for the arrival of their third child in August. We look forward to hearing of baby’s safe arrival.

I take this opportunity of thanking Brooke for her work not only in running the canteen and all our catering events but for her work with the PFA this year. No doubt Primary School families have received their special tea towels which Brooke coordinated for the PFA.  

Josie Iuele has commenced as the Hospitality and Canteen Manager in June working with Brooke.  Josie comes to us with a wealth of experience in hospitality having run her own cake and patisserie business.  We all look forward to what Josie will bring to the Canteen.









Extended Absence during Term Time

I remind parents that using term time to travel on vacation is not something we encourage at Alphington Grammar School, as it will invariably have an impact on the learning of your child.

If such absence is approved, the onus of keeping up with schoolwork will be on the student. Schoolbox must be accessed by the student to keep up to date with the work missed while absent.

If the absence is longer than two weeks, termly Reporting will be reviewed and potentially not issued.

I wish everyone a very productive and strong Term 3.

Dr Vivianne Nikou 
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From the Assistant Principal, Head of Secondary

Welcome Back!

I hope families enjoyed the mid-year break and were able to get some rest and relaxation in. The students were thrilled to see each other and their teachers upon their return to School, and it was great to see their excitement on day one. As we embark on the journey of semester two, I take this opportunity to welcome the new families to our Alphington Grammar community and extend a warm welcome back to our existing families.

Enrichment Program

There is quite a lot to look forward to this semester. After the stressful exam period at the end of last semester, it is now time for our students to take stock, to reflect upon the academic areas that they excelled in, and to take some time to set personal and academic goals for this semester. The possibilities are endless if effort is put into their personal and academic pursuits. To complement our academic program, and to assist our students in finding the right balance between academia and leisure time, the Enrichment Program has been rejuvenated and is nearly ready to launch for Semester Two. We have expanded the program this semester to include exciting new offerings in social justice, sports, artistic endeavours and even a ‘wellbeing zone’ at lunchtimes for students who need a bit of quiet, down time. This was a student led initiative brought to us by the Student Leadership Team. We are committed to nurturing the ‘whole’ child and the Enrichment Program goes a long way to achieving this. Mr Adams will be launching the Semester Two offering very shortly. Please encourage your child to get involved in the variety of activities on offer.

Semester Awards

On the back of the recent exam period, and in recognition of academic excellence, Dr Nikou and I recently held Award Assemblies with each year group. I take the opportunity to congratulate these students. Winning a Subject Award is the culmination of hours and hours of work; organised and effective revision notes and consistent effort coupled with fierce intrinsic motivation and self-discipline. Congratulations to the following students who have demonstrated admirable determination and commitment to their studies. They continue to aspire to excellence, and we are very proud of their achievements.

To the students: each award is in recognition of your efforts and achievements, but it is also very important to recognise the people around you who have supported you throughout your schooling. Your teachers and your parents are instrumental in your success, and it is important that you occasionally take the time to thank them. Take a moment to thank your parents for providing you with the space and time you need to revise at home, for lifting you up when you need it and for being there for you when your enthusiasm wanes. And as for your teachers, it would be very decent of you to recognise their efforts as well. The staff here put a tremendous amount of time into making sure you are learning in a safe and productive environment, where engaging and relevant learning opportunities are provided. They are always willing to give up their lunch time and time after school to help students, and sometimes it’s important to take the time to say ‘thank-you’.    

Semester Two Key Dates:

Once again, I extend a warm welcome back to all our returning students and the new students who have joined us this semester.

Wishing you all a fantastic semester ahead!

Mr Lukas Silver
Assistant Principal, Head of Secondary
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From the Secondary School


On Thursday the 22nd of June, the Year 12 A-grade debate team competed against Northcote High School. It was an extremely close debate, only coming down to a one-point difference.

Unfortunately, our Alphington team did lose, but it was a very fulfilling debate where we gained experience and confidence. We also received great feedback from the adjudicator, saying that it was the “most entertaining debate” she witnessed.

To add to this, Adam Patane performed amazingly, winning “best speaker” for the evening. This was characterised by his outstanding public speaking abilities and content within his speech. This was a huge win in our books, and we congratulate Adam on his performance.

Overall, we had lots of fun and look forward to the next debate!

Chloe Portoglou, Year 12
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Polly Woodside Excursion

Last Wednesday the Year 7s of Alphington Grammar became the first school group to visit the Polly Woodside, a three masted iron sailing ship known as a barque. Built in 1885, the ship sailed about 2.4 million kilometres over its working life, which is roughly 60 times the circumference of the Earth, carrying coal, wheat and guano between England and South America. It is now permanently bolted to the ground in the Yarra River just outside the Exhibition building, and we had the opportunity to explore it.

It was a fascinating insight into how a ship would have functioned in the late 1800s. We learned about how each crew member worked on the ship, such as the cook and the ship’s boy. After that we went down to the hold where they would have stored most of their cargo. Our tour guide explained that these ships were often infested with rats so they would have had a cat onboard to combat the problem. After that we went to where all the important members of the crew slept, including the captain, first mate, the navigator, and the cook. We all learnt a lot from the experience and hopefully it will help us in humanities this year.

This term we are learning about aboriginal people before colonisation. As part of the excursion, we met a local Wurundjeri elder, Uncle Bill Nicholson. He told us a story about how the land was formed that may refer to actual geological changes that took place thousands of years ago. After that he taught us a traditional Aboriginal dance about hunting kangaroos and preparing them for dinner. It was a great out and a welcome break from schoolwork. 

Solomon Gordon, Year 7A
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Year 8 Community Service Week

Every year, the Year 8s participate in Community Service Week. This is a week dedicated to introducing the students to different communities, charities, and opportunities for them to learn and give back in a variety of ways.

This year, we decided to add a new element to Community Service Week, with the introduction of a fundraising challenge for Very Special Kids, a charity that cares for terminally ill children and their families in Victoria. With an original goal of raising $50 each and an overall target of $4000, it is safe to say the students absolutely smashed the goal, with a grand total of $5653 raised; the equivalent to just over 942 portions of hot chips from the school canteen!

An extra special congratulations is in order for Theodore Vathianakis, who single handedly raised over $1000 – an absolutely superb effort.

The week began with a visit from Paralympian Peter Ogunyemi, who spoke to the students about growing up in Nigeria and, despite many challenges, how he overcame them to have a successful career in a number of sports, including wheelchair basketball and AFL. The students then had the opportunity to try out a few games of wheelchair basketball themselves; an activity that was so popular, Peter found himself hosting extra sessions through recess and lunch. It was fantastic to see how engaged and respectful the students were; it allowed the week to start on a real high.

We were also visited by The Intersection, an organisation that took the students on a virtual tour of Melbourne, which allowed them to learn about how homelessness impacts their own city. This was followed up with an Empathy Workshop, which encouraged the students to consider different people’s circumstances in as considerate and understanding way as possible. It was positive to hear the mature and sensitive conversations that arose from these sessions, with a few students commenting on their new found understanding of how people can find themselves homeless.

Building on The Intersection’s focus on our own communities, our Year 8s also found themselves litter picking around the school and the local area and assessing how accessible the school is for people with a range of disabilities, from those who use wheelchairs to those who may have low vision or sensory impairments. Our STEM department also introduced a new activity, which had a focus on how we can limit our impact on the environment around us. This saw the students donning their gardening gloves and stripping back weeds and other plants in various areas of the school grounds before preparing the seeds of indigenous plants to be planted. This will make for not only a much more aesthetically pleasing impact but also a much more environmentally friendly one! A big thank you goes to Sam Hockey, who organised this activity for us. 

The week continued with some more hands on activities: the students were introduced to SolarBuddy, an organisation that aims to raise awareness about power poverty. They were tasked with building a solar powered light, which will be sent to communities who are often relying on little more than paraffin lamps as a source of light. It was quite interesting to see the students considering how their lives would be impacted by a lack of electricity; what started as some light concerns about there being no phone chargers or hair straighteners, quickly developed into questions about how food could be stored or cooked, or homes heated in winter.

This was followed up with another new activity for Community Service Week: podcasts! The students had the opportunity to research, record, and create their own podcasts on a charity of their choice. It was fantastic to not only see the students’ creative sides kick in, but to also learn something new about some familiar charities, and to be introduced to some new ones. It will be great to include some of these in our fundraising plans for next year.

To end the week, we had a visit from Kids in Philanthropy, who had the children putting together a variety of packages for Father Bob’s Pantry, Brainwave, and Stride Education. Altogether, the students made:

–          425 morning tea packs

–          384 breakfast bags

–          118 Cards of Hope

–          510 trail mix bags

It was a great collective effort, and the charities were thrilled.

Our Year 8 students were absolutely fantastic throughout the week and all staff were so impressed with their behaviour and willingness to throw themselves into all of the activities. A very big well done from all of us, Year 8.

Ms Anna Milburn
Community Service Co-Ordinator
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Macbeth Incursion

Last week all the Year 9s had the great opportunity to participate in a Macbeth workshop run by Eagle’s Nest. Every student in Year 9 viewed a shortened version of the play, performed by three talented actors from the organization. Each actor expertly played their roles, giving the audience a unique experience as the play happened all around them.

Afterward, the actors discussed the play with us, giving us the chance to interact and express different opinions to the actors on how they performed the play. We also ran through several key topics of Macbeth and discussed the different interpretations of the performance. It was a great experience to start our unit on Macbeth this term. 

Samuel Lavercombe, Year 9
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In the final week of last term, our Year Nine students embarked on an enriching ‘Metropolis’ journey in Melbourne. This week was filled with activities designed to blend fun with learning and foster independence.

On Monday, our week kicked off with a cruise of the Yarra River. Departing from Flinders Street, we cruised up the Yarra River to Docklands, with the captain pointing out iconic landmarks and sharing some fascinating stories about Melbourne’s past.

Once ashore at Docklands, the students enjoyed their first burst of free time. This was followed by an ice-skating session at the O’Brien Icehouse, where, with the help of instructors, the students transformed from wobbly beginners to confident skaters.

The first day was rounded off at Archie Brothers Arcade, where a range of interactive games made for an exhilarating afternoon. From dodgem cars to virtual reality rollercoasters, there was never a dull moment.

Tuesday started with a guided tour of the bustling Queen Victoria Market. Students discovered its colourful history, including its former life as a cemetery, which sparked keen interest. After the guided tour, the students were given a hot jam donut, and lunch saw them experimenting with different cuisines, with almost every group picked something unique.

In the afternoon, the students scaled the 16-metre walls at Hard Rock Climbing. Not only did the activity serve as a testament to their courage, but it also brought to light the sense of responsibility they have for each other’s safety.

A brief tour of Melbourne University provided our students with an insight into university life. Highlights included the Baillieu Library, the South Lawn, the Old Quadrangle, and even a peek into a lecture hall and a tutorial room in the Law Building.

Wednesday started with self-guided Riddle Challenge. This required groups of students to navigate the city independently, solving riddles related to city landmarks. They needed to capture evidence that they had solved each riddle by taking a group selfie in front of every location. One of the hardest puzzles to crack was, “Above the city, bathed in gold and red, by the river’s edge, its lofty head, an extending floor, thrill’s stead.” Can you solve it?

The students then trekked along the Yarra River to Richmond for lunch, and this was followed by a tour of the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In addition to receiving a guided tour of the grandstands, changerooms, and media-rooms, the students were given the opportunity to step foot on the hallowed turf. The students also visited the Australian Sporting Museum, where they all flocked to interactive activities designed to test their goal-kicking and reflex-catching skills.

On Thursday, the students visited the Old Melbourne Gaol, where stories of notorious inmates and their daring escapes captivated them. They were shown Ned Kelly’s armour and the place he was hanged, and a haunted jail cell added an eerie twist. The students were also shown the Watch Tower, where they experienced a brief imprisonment’ in one of the jail’s holding cells.

On our final day, we participated in a Street Art Walking Tour, which revealed some of Melbourne’s hidden, vibrant laneways. Then, after lunch, we celebrated the week by treating the students to an hour of bowling and a spirited game of laser tag. The laser tag was a hit amongst the students and teachers alike, but unfortunately the students proved to be much more nimble and accurate adversaries!  

The Metropolis program was a resounding success, fostering connections among students and cultivating their independence. The students should now feel prepared for the more challenging Gateways program that they will embark on in the coming months.

Mr James Smith
Head of EHASS


Elly Baulch’s reflection on Metropolis:

During the last week of Term 2, the Year 9 cohort were given the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the history and culture of Melbourne City in preparation for our upcoming Gateways Trip. This enabled us to build life skills while having fun away from the classroom setting.

We participated in various activities including ice-skating, rock climbing, a treasure hunt around the city, visiting the Old Melbourne Gaol and going to Kingpin Bowling alley. Not only were these activities extremely enjoyable, but we learned so much and developed the independence and resilience skills needed for the future. Now that I know how to navigate my way around the city and how to access the resources to do so, I feel prepared for Gateways and for life beyond secondary school.

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Sovereign Hill

On July 18, 2023, our Year 7 students embarked on an educational journey to Sovereign Hill. The winter chill did little to dampen their excitement as they explored the immersive and experiential Gold Rush museum.

One of their first adventures was the descent into Red Hill mine. The experience of navigating through pitch-black tunnels, 20 metres below ground level, was both challenging and exhilarating for our students.

They bravely ventured into the darkness, gaining a deeper understanding of the harsh realities faced by miners.

Further adding to this immersive experience was a poignant video about two Chinese brothers, immigrants who faced the dangers of gold mining. The tragic story, culminating in the collapse of the mine and the loss of one brother, highlighted the grave risks involved in the pursuit of gold.

In the reconstructed classroom, students got to unravel the histories of immigrants who had migrated to Australia during the Gold Rush era. Taught by a teacher in traditional 1850s attire, this session gave them a unique perspective on the rich tapestry of Australia’s past.

Additional activities included a gold-pouring demonstration, where students witnessed the creation of gold bars. They also received hands-on experience in panning for gold, leading to the thrill of some students finding and then bottling their own specks of gold.

During their free time, students roamed around Sovereign Hill, visiting the old bakery and the much-loved lolly shop. The taste of raspberry drops and toffee apples offered a sweet end to a day filled with rich, educational experiences.

Mr James Smith
Head of EHASS
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Consent Labs

This year we were happy to invite back Consent Labs, a not-for-profit organisation who deliver workshops to educate and encourage conversations around consent across Australia.

The content they cover ranges from the foundations of consent, which sees the students discussing what everyday consent looks like, to how consent works when alcohol and other drugs are involved, to what healthy relationships look like.

Utilising a range of hypothetical scenarios, clear definitions, and an insight into what the law says, Consent Labs provided a knowledgeable and safe environment for the students to be educated on this important content.

It was fantastic to see the students, across all year levels, engage with the workshops in a mature and sensitive manner. The links for feedback have now been shared with all year levels via email and we encourage all students to take the time to provide their thoughts on the sessions.

Ms Anna Milburn
Community Service Co-Ordinator
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From STEM Department

Winners of Computational Algorithmic Thinking (C.A.T) Competition

In later Term 1 this year, 8 students (mixed from Year 7s to 9s) participated in the C.A.T. competition. This involved a higher order of logical thinking and reasoning in the context of a set of challenging problems.

We are very proud to announce this year’s winners.

A Distinction is given for the top 10% of the State, and a Credit for the top 40% of the State.

Out of 8 students, 4 students received Distinction which is fabulous, the best achievement we have had in the last few years.


Yuchen (Eric) Xu (Year 7), Oscar Lindsay (Year 8), Norman Li (Year 9) and Michael Ooi (Year 9) 


Oliver Griffith (Year 7), Alexander Dunn (Year 9), Isaiah How Hung Ha, (Year 8)

Congratulations to this group of winners!

Their certificates will be presented during S.T.E.M. assembly in Week 5 of this term.

Ms Katrina Du
Head of Maths
Dr Sam Hockey
Head of Science
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From the Library

Million-word Class PLUS Challenge:

The Million Word Challenge for Year 7 is fast becoming a tradition. For the third year running, the challenge was launched last week but this time with an added twist. Firstly, there is the class challenge where each Year 7 class (and their teacher) will collectively aim to read one million words or more, in 8 weeks. The added twist is an individual challenge. Each student will be given an Accelerated Reader (AR) Book Points target, based on an expected amount of time to be given to reading each day. Eight weeks have been given to achieve this target.

The focus will be primarily on achieving personal target points. Each student will be provided with their personal target. The number of words of each book read will contribute to the class goal of the Million Words plus.

Book Choices: Physical books from school library or home, provided they have an AR quiz, Wheelers eBooks by negotiation and graphic novels and manga are also permitted, IF they have an AR quiz.

One Catch: Each student must read a minimum of ONE book and complete the AR quiz during the Challenge or risk a whole class DISQUALIFICATION.

The Challenge runs until the end of Week 8 in Term 3 (1st September) to complete the challenge. Students need to come to the library to borrow if they have not already selected a book.

The class which reads the highest number of words, and all students have participated will win a PIZZA LUNCH. Every book read also wins 5 HOUSE POINTS. Winners will be announced in the last week on term.

Ms Angela Mare
Head of Library                                    
Ms Janet Stewart
Teacher Librarian
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Whole School

From the Sports Faculty

Primary State Cross Country Championships

We are thrilled to share the incredible achievement of Dean at the state Cross Country event held on Thursday, July 14. Out of a highly competitive field, Dean finished an impressive 36th, showcasing his remarkable determination and talent. This accomplishment is truly exceptional, as only a few AGS primary students have reached such heights. Dean’s performance has ignited our excitement, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing his future accomplishments in the world of Cross Country. With his dedication and potential, we believe he has a bright future ahead.

Celebrating the Remarkable Achievement of the Year 8/9 Boys’ Indoor Soccer Team!

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that has been making waves in our school community. The Year 8/9 Boys’ Indoor Soccer Team has emerged victorious, securing a well-deserved win in the Grand Final! Their exceptional talent, dedication, and teamwork have propelled them to the top, earning them a place in our school’s history books.

Throughout the season, the boys displayed an outstanding level of commitment, working tirelessly to hone their skills on the indoor soccer field. Their hard work and perseverance have paid off in the most gratifying way possible – clinching the championship title! Their triumph is a testament to the power of unity, showing that when a team stands together, success is inevitable.

The Grand Final was a thrilling match, with each player showcasing their individual prowess and collective coordination. The boys played with unwavering passion, determination, and sportsmanship, leaving their opponents no chance to steal the victory away from them.

As we celebrate this exceptional achievement of the Year 8/9 Boys’ Indoor Soccer Team, it’s important to recognize the effort and dedication put forth by their coach and support staff. Their guidance and motivation have been instrumental in nurturing the talents of these young athletes and molding them into the winning team we witnessed on the field.

While the joy of victory fills the air for the boys’ indoor soccer team, we must also acknowledge the courage and hard work of our other sports teams who reached the Grand Finals but fell short in securing the championship. The Year 8/9 Boys’ Softball and Girls’ Softball Teams, as well as the Girls’ Indoor Soccer Team, demonstrated incredible skill and determination throughout the season. Though they may not have won the finals, their sportsmanship and dedication deserve equal praise.

Congratulations once again to the Year 8/9 Boys’ Indoor Soccer Team for their extraordinary achievement! Let’s cheer for all our sports teams and celebrate the spirit of athleticism and camaraderie that thrives in our school community. We look forward to more thrilling matches and outstanding achievements in the future. Go team!

Exciting News: Secondary House Basketball Competition Kicks Off!

We are thrilled to announce that the much-awaited Secondary House Basketball Competition has commenced this week! This spirited event is open to all students from Years 7 to 12, and we are eager to see as many of you as possible participating during Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes.

The competition will be held during lunch breaks, providing an ideal chance for students to take a break from their studies, get some exercise, and engage in healthy competition. Whether you are an experienced basketball player or a newbie to the sport, we encourage each and every one of you to join in the fun.

RE: Secondary Running Club & Strength & Condition Program

I am writing to inform you about an exciting opportunity for your child to participate in the upcoming Secondary Running Club & Strength & Condition program, with a particular focus on cross country training. This initiative aims to prepare our students for the upcoming interschool sports competition at the end of the term.

To make the most of this training program, we plan to conduct some of our sessions off-campus, when weather conditions permit, in order to increase the distance covered. Rest assured that all students will be under the supervision of our qualified coaches at all times. Their expertise and guidance will ensure the safety and well-being of your child throughout these sessions. The students will be running on the public bike track and only a distance of 3km.

We have scheduled the following dates for the secondary running club sessions:

7.30 – 8.30AM Running Club

7.30 – 8.30AM Strength & Conditioning (Endurance)

7.30 – 8.30AM Running Club

7.30 – 8.30AM Strength & Conditioning (Endurance)

7.30 – 8.30AM Running Club (Year 7 and 8 3km Time Trial)

7.30 – 8.30AM Strength & Conditioning (Endurance)

7.30 – 8.30AM Running Club

7.30 – 8.30AM Strength & Conditioning (Endurance)

7.30 – 8.30AM Running Club (Year 11&12 3km Time Trial)

7.30 – 8.30AM Strength & Conditioning (Jumps)

7.30 – 8.30AM Running Club

7.30 – 8.30AM Strength & Conditioning (Endurance)

In addition to running club sessions, we will also be organizing cross-country trials to identify students who will represent our school in the interschool sports competition.

Ms Olivia Rahme  
Head of Sport, PE and Health
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From the LOTE Faculty

The Chinese Update

It has been quite the start to Chinese in Term 3! We have had the chance to incorporate lots of our learning outside the classroom in many exciting ways!


On the 14th of July, the Year 8 Cohort experienced a range of workshops at the Australian Museum of Chinese History in the heart of Melbourne’s Chinatown. Students participated in different workshop activities with museum staff and connected with the history of the Chinese population here in Melbourne.

Students participated in a Chinese knot making workshop and toured the museum discovering the 200 years of Chinese history here in Victoria. It was a chance for the Year 8 cohort to experience their first Chinese excursion outside the classroom given they started their Chinese learning in the pandemic era. We were immensely proud seeing the Year 8 students represent the school so finely at the museum!

Miss Shirley Ke and Mr Ming Lei
Secondary Mandarin Teachers
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From the Primary School

Primary House Coin Trail For a Cause

On Friday 16th June, our Primary School community participated in a coin trail for charity. The P-6 House competition asked each child to bring some gold Australian coins ($1 or $2) to add to the chalk-coloured trail that winded its way through the grounds.  Houses were judged on a creative criterion. 

Thank you to Ms Katsambanis, William Kallianiotis and Dion Rabba for judging the trails. 

The following are the results;

  • 1st place Byron 500 House Points
  • 2nd place Aristotle House 400 Points
  • 3rd Place Pericles House 300 Points
  • 4th Place Socrates House 200 Points

Thank you to our Year 6 students who counted the donated coins. Our Primary School raised $520 which was donated to the RSPCA.

Mr Luke Barnewall 
Deputy Head of Primary
Ms Emma Ooi 
Primary Community Service Captain
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From the Library

Story Walk

If you head out to the playground during July, you will notice a series of sixteen signboards with illustrations attached. These make up our Alphington Grammar Library Story Walk and have sparked a lot of curiosity since the beginning of term.

A Story Walk is an outdoor literacy experience which simply involves separating the pages of a picture story book, attaching each page to a signpost, and placing these signs at regular points along a walking trail. It aims to engage children and adults alike in the enjoyment to be found in sharing a story in a slightly different environment. It is a wonderful way to enjoy a story together in a natural environment and encourage reading in a relaxed way.

With the recent celebration of NAIDOC Week, the book we chose to display is a First Nations story about Country and kinship. The title is the latest from the Welcome to Our Country series called Back On Country, co-written by Adam Goodes and Ellie Laing and beautifully illustrated by David Hardy. The Adnyamathanha people of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia are represented, as is their language.

It is a privilege to share this story with the Alphington Grammar school community, while walking on Wurundjeri Country and enjoying the incredible natural beauty surrounding us.

The Library Staff are grateful to our maintenance team, Cormac and Andrew, who so kindly made these boards for us.

Ms Jo Whiffin
Primary Library Teacher
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Prep to Year 4 Production

Pirates versus Mermaids and Seafish

Prep to Year 4 students have all been working extremely hard in preparation for their upcoming production of Pirates versus Mermaids and Seafish.

The story is set in Me Hearty High School, the most distinguished pirate school on the seven seas. There is only one problem… none of them can swim!

The answer to their problem lies with the mermaids and seafish, but the pirates do not like the mermaids and seafish and the mermaids and seafish do not like the pirates – will they ever find a way to get along?

Students will be performing their production for one night only on August 2 at 6pm. Tickets can be accessed through the link below.


Ms Steph Atwa
Primary/Secondary Music Teacher
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