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AGS 2023 Primary Booklist

Primary School – 2023 Booklist

Please note that the 2023 booklist from our book supplier, Campion Education Australia is now available via a link on the school website or please visit

All ordering must take place online. The AGS ordering code is ‘BCDY’

  • All Booklist Orders must now be delivered to a designated Home or Business address.
  • Orders should be placed online by Friday 9 December.
  • The Home Delivery fee is $11.00 if the order is placed no later than this date.
  • A higher delivery fee may be charged if orders are placed after Friday 9 December.
  • Books may still be purchased in person at Campion retail stores.

Teachers have carefully planned the list to reflect the needs of the students throughout the coming year. Although it sometimes seems cheaper to purchase your child’s books and stationery from other retailers or discount stores, we ask you to carefully consider whether you are buying the correct items, especially exercise and scrap books which may have specific line sizes or page layouts.

We also ask that parents bring all their child’s supplies to school on the first day of school in 2023 so that they can be labelled and stored appropriately.

Please note the following special conditions:

Prep and Year 1 supplies: Please do not label the following items as they are for communal class use: Textas, Crayons, Sharpeners, Erasers, Scissors, Pencils & Glue sticks.

All students require an art shirt/art smock and a library bag. Students in Prep-Year 4 also require a chairbag. We will have these for sale at School early in 2023 and will send home a note regarding this. Older students may like to bring and old shirt from home instead of a smock.

Please do not keep booklist materials at home as we store the spare items at school where they will be accessible.

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