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AGS 2023 Booklist

Secondary School 2023 Booklists

Please note that the 2023 booklist from our book supplier, Campion Education Australia is now available via the link below:

All ordering must take place online. The AGS ordering code is ‘BCDY’

All Booklist Orders must now be delivered to a designated Home or Business address.

  • Orders should be placed online by Friday 9th December.
  • The Home Delivery fee is $11.00 if the order is placed by this date.
  • A higher delivery fee may be charged if orders are placed after this date.
  • Books may still be purchased in person at Campion retail stores.


Advanced (Geography book) – For students who have studied Greek since Primary School and can easily read, write and speak Greek. Often, but not exclusively, background learners.

Beginners  – For students who have never studied Greek or who are in the Beginner or Intermediate class at Alphington Grammar School.


These need to be purchased separately as we expect students to begin reading the novels towards the end of this term.

This link will provide you with all the information  you need to purchase these texts separately.

Year 7 English Texts

Yours sincerely
Mr Lukas Silver

Assistant Principal

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